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Please read through this page carefully. 

Issue 1 - Lunette Review

Issue 1 has no theme. Works surrounding all topics will be considered.


February 1: Submissions Open

February 5: 24 Hour Response Period

February 19: Guiding Word Reveal

March 6: Submissions Close

Middle of March: Cover Reveal

End of March: Issue 1 Released

How To Submit

Email your submission and a 2-4 sentence biography (including your name) to

Please use this subject line format:





- up to five poems

- each poem must not exceed 100 lines

- please upload each poem in a separate file

Flash fiction:

- up to five flash fiction works

- each flash fiction work must not exceed 1000 words

- please upload each flash fiction work in a separate file

Story stories:

- up to two short stories

- each short story must be between 1000-5000 words

- please upload each short story in a separate file



- up to two essays

- each essay must not exceed 5000 words

- please upload each essay in a separate file


- up to five works of art

- any style or medium works for us

- please upload each art piece as a separate file


- up to five works of photography

- any style or medium works for us

​- please upload each photograph as a separate file

What To Submit

Format To Submit

- any sensible font or word size

- please upload your submission as a pdf or word file

- any type of file for art and photography works for us


Any works that contain themes of oppression or discrimination such as but not limited to racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, etc will be immediately rejected.

Please include content warnings in your submission document on all works that can be triggering to others.

For now, submissions must be primarily in English. Please include translations if you use words in other languages in your submission.

Previously published works are acceptable, please do mention this and the name of the previous publication in your submission email. If you republish a piece first published in the Lunette Review, we kindly ask that you credit us.

Simultaneous submissions are allowed. Please let us know if your submission has been  accepted elsewhere (and congratulations on your acceptance :).

 Lunette Review reserves First North American Serial Rights to all pieces that we publish. The rights will revert back to the author directly after publication. 

Please wait up to two weeks for a submission response. If you do not receive one by then, please email to inquire about the status of your application.

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