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Lunette Review is a literary magazine established and founded in January 2022. Lunette is an English word borrowed from French; it means the figure of a crescent moon. We are a literary magazine for people who want to discover nature, watch birds, gaze at the stars, hug a tree, or journal in a meadow of sunflowers. We are for anyone who loves and appreciates adventures and the outdoors.

Lunar Eclipse
Image by Benjamin Voros

Our mission is to provide a platform for all people, with a focus on youth and marginalized communities, to express themselves through poetry, prose, essays, and other forms of writing in a literary format.



Our vision is to inspire others to write, create, and enjoy writing forms and art. We hope to publish our literary magazine quarterly, and work on side projects like blogs, special events, special issues, and poet and writer takeovers.

Editor In Chief

Hello! My name is Veronica Melena. I have been writing for as long as I can remember. I started the Lunette Review to share my passion of literature and art with this wonderful community and to give others a platform to share their work! I am currently working on my third draft of a YA Fantasy Novel. Besides that, I read and write poetry and prose as often as I can, and I'm attempting to write a play. I have had the opportunity to take several creative writing and editing courses on the side, and I hope to further study English in university as well as enter the publishing industry. I am a huge supporter of the arts and advocate for arts education. I love spending time outdoors and adventuring. You can often find me daydreaming or with my nose in a book.

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